Work Package 8

UCLan was the project manager of CAMELOT and worked in a close relationship with all partners to fulfill the objectives and quality expectations of the project’s identified outputs. It observed, monitored and carefully documented all key outputs and compiled audits including an Interim and Final Report. 

This Work Package guided the coordination of the project throughout its entire life-cycle. It was based on the integration of a number of key elements in the process, including strategic planning, observing, monitoring, and quality control, as well as guaranteeing that the project fulfilled its budgetary requirements on schedule.

A number of key functions were identified as part of this Work Package:

1). maintaining strict control of financial data and requirements of the project in liaison with the EU.

2). demonstrating effective and regular communication with all partners and stakeholders through regular meeting that were properly documented. In this endeavour this Work Package used appropriate information and communication technologies (e.g., project website, virtual meetings, video conferencing etc.) to facilitate effective and transparent communication.

3). evidencing a strong commitment to effective community building and to its on-going strategic development, both during the project’s life-cycle and after the project has ended.

4). producing clear and accurate reports (Interim and Final) in collaboration with partners.

5). policing and enforcing effective quality management processes and controls.

6) managing conflict or disagreements within the consortium to maintain the harmony of the project partnership and to manage deliverables in line with identified milestones.

The deliverables in this Work Package were:

WP8.1 Strategic Project Planning (SPP)

WP8.2 Quality Assurance Framework (QAF)

WP8.3 Project Quality Audits (PQA)


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