Work Package 7

TELLConsult was the Lead partner in WP7

The key objective of this WP was to develop strategies and instruments to ensure sustainable use beyond the project’s lifetime of its outcomes and results (e.g., transversal collaboration, web-based educational processes and use of resources). The proposed strategy involved 2 phases.

Phase 1. Consortium formation and Local implementation (2014–2015)
The first phase aimed to implement the project’s outcomes and facilities in the work processes of the current educational partner organizations. To this end partners worked out detailed plans on how to educationally exploit the project’s content and facilities ‘at home’. The Work Package’s results in the form of strategies and instruments were made available. This facilitated the processes the partners needed to initiate locally and to get the formal managerial and financial support needed for the agreement between the partners to form a consortium to exploit the project’s results.

Phase 2. From Consortium to Community of Practice (2016 and beyond)

Following development of the documentation required for implementation the consortium started to involve third parties to join the consortium, participate in the activities and contribute to the resources. In addition to adding value to the website’s facilities this will also help to reduce the consortium fee and thus increasingly lower the threshold for participation for future prospect members. The feasibility of the strategies defined in Phase 1 to generate further income through monetization of expertise and facilities will be researched and results reported. As effective dissemination is seen as a precondition for enlarging the community of users and reaching prospect consortium members the various exploitation activities will be closely aligned with WP6 (Dissemination).

Collaborative efforts will be directed towards expanding CAMELOT’s associated partner list as these parties not only offer potentially effective dissemination channels but are also considered as a priority target group for consortium expansion and users of valorisation services and activities.

WP7.1 Consortium Formation and Local Implementation (Confidential)

WP7.2 From Consortium to Community of Practice (Confidential)

WP7.3 Development of and Acquisition for Comenius (Erasmus+) Course

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