Work Package 6

Let’s talk online was the lead partner for WP6 and had a strong social media presence as well as YouTube channel. P5 initiated and coordinated all activities needed for the realization of this WP’s outcomes and products and aligned activities with WP7 on Exploitation

This WP was responsible for managing the promotion and dissemination of the project. It also contributed to favourable preconditions to realise the exploitation ambitions described in WP 8 to provide the means to sustain the project’s facilities beyond the funding period. The WP leader cooperated closely with the WP8 coordinator, responsible for the exploitation.

The most important dissemination activities were:

  • a project website and blog
  • an online social networking community site, featuring partners and associate partner activity, and open to the wider educational community
  • participation in other relevant online social networks, especially YouTube and Facebook
  • attendance and presentation of the project at conferences (in various parts of Europe and online)
  • press releases and articles in professional journals and teacher association newsletters
  • a number of project partner generated machinima as well as learner generated machinima

Whilst website, Facebook page and other reference sites were the landing point for information about the project, the outputs of the projects, the created machinima created quite a different and unpredictable public response. These animated videos with creative avatar designs and realistic moving animations, sound and moving pictures, typically aroused curiosity and were freely shared on YouTube.

The machinima channel on has an outstanding 6.5 million subscribers and more than 4 billion click views. This is largely due to the popularity of video games but it shows the attraction of machinima as a means of learning about the video game. This new genre of film attracted foreign investment of some US$35 million last year and one of the largest investors was Google itself, even though Google owns YouTube.

The reason why many virtual worlds explicitly allow photography and filming is because it attracts audiences to enter and experience it for themselves. Each machinima is a user-generated promotion campaign, the ‘word of mouth’ for the virtual world or video game so to speak in a digital and networked world.

WP6.1 Dissemination Through the Project Website and Blog

WP6.2 Participation in Relevant Online Public and Private Social Networks

WP6.3 Attendance and Presentation of the Project at Conferences in Various Parts of Europe and Online

WP6.4 CAMELOT YouTube Channel

WP6.5 Physical Publicity and Content Distribution Instruments

WP6.6 Articles in Professional Journals and Teacher Association Newsletters

WP6.7 Monthly Project Machinima Featuring Tips for Teachers and Interviews with Practitioners

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