Work Package 4

ICC was the lead partner of the WP 4 and developed the teacher training material, guidelines etc.

Any project that develops new technology for classroom use stands and falls on implementation. In order to optimise implementation two elements are key: training teachers in the use of machinima, both from a technical perspective and how they might be used in the classroom and piloting their use. WP4 capitalised on the technical guidelines produced in WP2 and information received from the field testing in WP3 to create a teacher training package to enable teachers to create and use machinima effectively in a variety of situations. The package provided a two-stage approach – the creation of machinima themselves and the uses they might be put to in the classroom.

Machinima that were produced in WP2 and tested in WP3 were used as part of the base material for the teacher-training package. The package was a blended learning solution of online resources and documents that could be downloaded and worked on as part of the trainees reflection processes and self-evaluation. The training course was delivered asynchronously. This had the advantage of allowing teachers to engage with the material at times that suited them. It also avoided the logistical, financial and time expense of removing busy professionals from their working environment for a period of time. In order to demonstrate the application of machinima, some of the training sessions were themselves produced using the same technology.

The training package itself was subject to quality review. In order for this to take place, there were two training courses so that lessons learned from the first course could be implemented in a second course and materials revised accordingly. This allowed the project to arrive at a complete production and training solution of quality by the end of the lifetime of the project.

The finished product (teacher training course) was subject to an external accreditation procedure. The ICC operates as a certifying body for teaching and teacher training courses as well as examination suites and materials. It has previously certified EUROLTA, ELTACS, Diverse European Workplace, AVALON and LANCELOT among outcomes from other EU projects. This has benefits for the sustainability of the project beyond the project’s lifetime. The deliverables from this Work Package are given below:

WP4.1 General Guidelines About the Use of Machinima in Classrooms

WP4.2 Specific Guidelines from Machinima Produced in WP2

WP4.3 Teacher Training Course (Restricted Access)

WP4.4 Feedback Questionnaire

WP4.5 Feedback Report

WP4.6 Modified Materials

WP4.7 Teacher Training Course 2

WP4.8 Feedback Report

WP4.9 ICC the International language Association Accreditation of Teacher Training Course (Restricted Access)

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