Work Package 3

UWB was the field testing lead partner and oversaw the various test beds and trials of the machinima within their specific target group.

The output from Work Package 2 was a series of machinima in different styles and formats. Before determining how these could be incorporated into a teacher training package, it was essential to find out which style and format of machinima suited different target populations of learners. WP3 took these outputs and tested them in situ. The aim was to find out through surveys and focus group discussions how successful each type was. Success here is judged by the positive feedback on the style and content of each WP2 product. The machinima produced in WP2 were tested in various educational sectors:

a) Tertiary education

b) Vocational education

c) Adult education

The testing also took place in groups of students with special educational needs and language classes.

WP 3 included the following steps:

a) The testing partners included Military staff of the National Defence University, Erasmus students in Turkey, Erasmus students in the Czech Republic, Portuguese school children, SEN students of The University of West Bohemia, CLILL classes in the Czech Republic, and ICC partners. Each partner chose a suitable group of 10 -15 students for testing.

b) Machinima were used as a suitable part of a language course or they constituted a whole course depending on the individual case in the testing partner organization.

c) An assessment based on the criteria developed during WP3 focused on the following aspects:

– progress of language learners

– improved intercultural competence

– suitability for teaching

Common criteria for assessments, both learning results and pedagogical aspects, were also decided in WP3. The assessment consisted of students’ evaluation of learning by means of machinima, teachers’ evaluation of students’ progress and teachers’ evaluation of the suitability of machinima for language teaching.

The results of the above mentioned assessments were collected by the partners into a common summary report and analysed. The results of field-testing were also summarized in the teacher-training material. The main deliverables are listed below:

WP3.1 Profile of Target Groups

WP3.2 Questionnaire

WP3.3 Field Test Event

WP3.4 Focus Group Discussion (Restricted Access)

WP3.5 Field Test Report

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