Work Package 2

NDU was the lead partner and worked with partners on the production of a set of machinima from a didactical viewpoint

Machinima for field-testing concerned primarily the machinima that were needed as decided by the partners of WP1. Depending on target language and target audience, the WP2 team set out to look for appropriate locations in virtual worlds and acquired additional props, interior design features or other required stage settings. Additional objects were created (e.g., various food items, animals etc.) or purchased as and when required.

The production of this set of machinima also included working with the live actors, the avatars of each of the respective partners, including camera perspectives and storyboarding (e.g., adding a still image of the scene to a certain dialogue), choosing music or sound effects, creating a marquee etc. to sample and demonstrate ‘professionally’ made machinima.

These machinima were later used for field-testing in Work Package 3 and were added to the mobile application so teachers could create lesson plans.

WP2.1 Machinima for Field Testing

WP2.2 Recordings of Events and Meetings

WP2.3 Training Kit for Project Partners on How to Create Machinima

WP2.4 Videos for Teacher Training Course in Form of Machinima

WP2.5 Instructions on How to Produce Machinima

WP2.6 Mobile Application for Videos with Learning Activities

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