Work Package 1

UIST ELT department was the lead partner in developing the scenarios and storyboards of the set of machinimas which were then produced in WP2

The general aim was to construct sound knowledge about how and why to make use of 3D virtual environments for language training in different contexts and the use of machinima. The machinima can be regarded as user-generated video content and as materials to support the language learning process. The target of this WP were all parties who had an interest in promoting or experiencing language learning within tertiary education and vocational adult education. The WP was responsible for:

1) performing a needs analysis;

2) the creation of a framework for the use of 3D virtual learning environments and machinima for language learning and instruction;

3) providing guidelines for language teachers;

4) creating feedback questionnaires for the evaluation of the learning process;

5) specifying linguistic contexts for filming machinima in 3D virtual learning environments, and

6) writing a report on “Using the 3D VLE’s and Machinima for Language Learning”.

This WP brought together partners with expertise in language education, teacher training, distance learning and teaching in Second Life, 3D Design and the building of virtual learning environments for educational purposes. Progress of the objectives was monitored and performance indicated through the use of individual and group discussions with all end users of the machinima and via the project and feedback questionnaires. Partners in this WP met on a regular basis in video-conferencing, in Second Life and face-to-face. The deliverables in this Work Package are:

WP1.1 Needs Analysis

WP1.2 Language Learning Framework for the Use of 3D Virtual Environments and Machinima

WP1.3 Guidelines for Language Teachers

WP1.4 Feedback Questionnaires for Teachers and Learners

WP1.5 A Report on Using the 3D Virtual Learning Environments for Language Learning

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