CAMELOT Project Webinars

This is a series of free webinars arranged and shared by the CAMELOT Consortium project partners related to many areas of interest covered by the project.

Presenter Date   Webinar Title and Page Link
Antonio Lopes, PETALL Project, EU 27th November 2015 PETALL: A European project on technology-mediated TBLT
Kieran Donaghy, Film English, UK 9th October 2015 Using short films in language teaching
Sally Reynolds, Medea Learning, Belgium 25th September 2015 The changing use of video in teaching and learning
Joel Josephson,Video for ALL, EU 4th August 2015 Video for ALL: A video as a basic tool of language learning
Stephen Quir,k COO Interplay Learning, USA 25th June 2015 3D simulation, virtual reality and task-based language learning
M&L webinar: Video in a multilingual context 11th June 2015 Video in a multilingual context
Nik Peachey, E-Learning Consultant, UK 28th May 2015 Getting the best from digital video
Prof. James Paul Gee, Arizona State University 11th May 2015 Video, games, language learning and literacy
Thomas Nolan Kelly, ICC, Germany 30th April 2015 Gamification in language learning/ teaching and CLIL
Dr Andreas Lober, Legal Expert, Germany 27th March 2015 Producing machinima in virtual worlds: What are the legal issues?
Dr Ramazan Zengin, University of Istanbul, Turkey 24th March 2015 Yabancı Dil Öğretiminde Machinima Kullanımı (in Turkish)
Chris Bailey, Sheffield University, UK 13th March 2015 Storytelling in Minecraft
Ozan VARLI, Koc University, Istanbul Turkey 22nd January 2015 The future of mobile learning: Augmented reality (AR) in language classrooms
Marisa Constantinides, Celt Athens, Greece 16th January 2015 Machinima for language learning
Vin Summer, CEO of Clicks and Links, UK 19th December 2014 Through the looking glass: Virtual and immersive technologies
Dr Randall Sadler, University of Illinois, USA 15th November 2014 PADS: Telecollaboration, virtual worlds, and integrated language learning
Joe Rigby, MellaniuM Inc, UK 24th October 2014 Avayalive virtual world
Prof. Rod Ellis, University of Auckland, New Zealand 25th June 2014 Methodology in task-based language teaching


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