Webinar: PETALL: a European project on technology-mediated TBLT

November 24, 2015

Title: PETALL: a European project on technology-mediated TBLT by Antonio Lopes

Friday, Nov 27, at 10:30am UK time


To watch the recording visit: http://breeze01.uclan.ac.uk/p6jq198j0fw/










PETALL is the acronym for European Task-based Activities for Language Learning. This is a project funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme and aims to promote the learning of foreign languages through the implementation of ICT-mediated tasks in the classroom, by providing samples of good practice in line with the recommendations of the common European framework of reference for languages (CEFR) and by offering teacher training courses in the area.

Challenges to be met:

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) lays strong emphasis on task-based language teaching (TBLT). However, this approach constitutes a challenge for many FL teachers, not so much because they are not familiar with the approach or its benefits, but because of the requirements and practical conditions to be met. Most national curricula are clear about the importance of TBLT. The reality of the classroom does not mirror it.

What the project proposes to do

The consortium members propose to build on the outcomes of previous Comenius projects, extending previously acquired knowledge to other partners and constructing a transnational strategy for ICT-based task design management. This entails setting up regional networks to promote the languages of the partners involved in the project.

Aims of the webinar

This webinar aims to present the several dimensions of project, namely its portal, the samples of good practice of ICT-based tasks, the teacher training courses, the quality assurance measures, the dissemination activities, the international survey to be carried out and the final conference on ICT+TBLT to be held next April in Ankara, Turkey.

The attendees are invited to present their suggestions for improvement.

António Lopes is Deputy Director of the School of Education and Communication, University of Algarve (Portugal), a researcher with the CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies at the Nova University, Lisbon) and the project coordinator of PETALL (petallproject.eu). He has participated in several EU-funded projects on ICT for language learning and is the EUROCALL representative for Portugal.of the PETALL project.

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