Webinar – Joe Rigby

October 24, 2014

24th October 3014 – Joe Rigby talked about building virtual scenes in the Avayalive in our first CAMELOT Webinar

Joe Rigby is co-founder of MellaniuM Inc. which  generates 3D immersive virtual environments on the AVAYALIVE platform. AVAYALIVE ENGAGE utilizes a browser embedded version of the UNREAL engine which is capable of using any form of 3d digital model developed by CAD software, laser scanning or photogrammetry and models can be used with more than 850,000 polygons for stunning realism.3D audio is automatically configured to allow for VOIP quality communication. Since the platform is downloaded on the local machine the virtual experience is potentially capable of having up to and even exceeding 200 concurrent participants with very little latency due to the fact that all the 3D data is available locally.

Click here to watch the webinar

Joe Rigby Webinar

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