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Project Partner Training Session 4

To access the World Map go to World menu on the Menu Bar at the top of the SL screen or right click the minimap and select World Map from the menu. The World Map, shows your current local SL environment and an icon (Me) pinpointing where you are. Green dots on the map show where there are other people. You can drag the World Map around by using your mouse, and you can zoom in and out by using your mouse’s scroll wheel. Click anywhere on the map to indicate where you want to go to, click on the Teleport button and you will be teleported to the new location. Alternatively, just double-click on any point on the map.

World map

Wherever you are on the World Map you can take the SLurl (Second Life url) for how to get there from outside Second Life. Just go to the Copy Slurl button and click on it, that takes the absolute address of where you are for people outside Second Life. If anyone puts that into the web browser, it will open their Second Life viewer and when they login they will be at that destination.

You can use the World MapFind box to find any regions that you know the name of so that you can visit it if you wish to. Type the name of the region in the Find box, once it has been found you can click on the map and Teleport.

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