Using Fraps to make a Screencast

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Project Partner Training – Week 3

To make a machinima in any virtual world or game one has to have software which will screencast – that is record what is happening on the screen. As everything in a game or virtual world in presented on your screen, in a window, that is what needs to be recorded. There are several programs capable of this. Fraps is a particularly good one with a fast frame-rate and it is capable of recording both system sounds – so the sounds in-world such as other people talking as well as picking up your own headset so capturing what you say.

Download the free version of Fraps unless you have another program that you are wishing to use. The free version of Fraps allows one to record up to 30 seconds of video and it does have a watermark but it is great for evaluation and learning purposes.

To set up Fraps:

The General Menu


Fraps window always on top means it will record the top window – which will be your game or virtual world display area.

Runs Fraps when Windows starts means it is always running in the background – decide whether or not that is right for you!

I like Fraps available at all times as you can see.

The Movies Menu


The Video Capture Hotkey is what starts and stops the filming. Default is F9, I use a tiny symbol – always on the left, no reaching across the keyboard – but – this is your choice! Just click in the box and select what you want to start and stop the recording.


Hide the  mouse cursor in the video – very important for machinima – you can’t get rid of it later!

It is important to choose where you want your screencasts to be saved. C:\Fraps\Movies is the default but you can change that if you want to!

The most important section here is the sound section. I want it to record the system sound – this version says Record Win7 sound (they simply have not updated Fraps yet for Windows 8 but it works well)  that means it is recording what is happening inside the game or virtual world.  I have Record external input ticked – that is my headset microphone. You have to choose your microphone from the list on the drop down menu.

As always if your headset is not listed switch on the computer with your headset plugged in, once Fraps knows it, it does not forget it.

The Screenshots Menu


Here you need to choose a key to use when you want to take screenshots, you may not always be taking video!

Decide where you want your screenshots to go, you will need to be able to find them to add to your machinima later.

Download Using Fraps To make a Screencast


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