Using a Holodeck to Film Role-Play Scenes

May 10, 20140 Comments

 Project Partner Training Kit Week 2

A holodeck is a really useful Second Life resource. The term holodeck derives from the Star Trek series, in which the holodeck is depicted as an enclosed room where realistic simulations can be created both for training and for entertainment. Holodecks in Second Life fulfill more or less the same functions. They are mini-simulations within the virtual world.   The Holodecks on EduNation contain many small scenes such as these few:

  • Art Deco Lounge
  • Boutique Renoir
  • But station
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Dara’s Diner
  • Library Room
  • The Oval Office
  • Lecture Theatre

selecting a holodeck scene

There are many more, to access them all you have to do is click on the blue disk on the sand and choose a category:  That will give you a menu of scenes available in that category, choose the number for the item you wish to see and click on that number. (See image below) The scene that you have chosen will take a few seconds to rez (appear around you). Have a look at several to decide which you want to use for filming. If you are working with a group of people it is best to make sure that they are all very close to the blue disk before you rez a scene that you want to use so that they are all inside the build. It may be hard for new people to get in once it has rezed.

Holodeck Categories

Once you have finished this scene or role play then simply type Clear in the chat line and it will clear back to the blue disk on the sand. Download Using a Holodeck to Film Role-Play Scenes

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