Turn the volume up of individuals in a group

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Project Partner Training Week 1

Often, when chatting in a group situation one person is hard to hear. Turning the master volume up with make everyone else too loud so you need to control the volume for just one person.

To adjust the volume of an individual person’s voice, hover your mouse over the person’s avatar and click on the “i” icon  which appears on a tiny green dot.  A slider for adjusting the volume of their voice appears. Slide it right to turn them up and left to turn them down.


     the i icon                   volume slider

If there is a lot of breath noise simply ask them to move their headset microphone up towards their nose or down towards their chin.

If they are showing red bars above their head when they speak and their voice is distorted then their microphone setting is too loud. Ask them if they are able to go into the settings and turn their volume down, this cannot be done anywhere other than in settings. However, you can turn them down on the slider but that will not stop the distortion that has been created by their settings being too loud.

Turning Music On, Off, Up, or Down

If attending a party one may wish to hear streamed music playing into a plot, however, at other times it can be a real pain.  There are lots of areas in Second Life that play music continually. Other people, who visit regularly, may not be aware of it as they may have their volume switched down or have their media stopped. You may ask “What is that music, where is it coming from?” and no-one responds, they probably do not hear it!

Simply go to the top right of your screen and hover over the play/pause button. That opens a menu allowing you to Stop All media from playing, or Start All if you know there is a video playing or music playing that you can’t access.

music stop and start

If you want instant access to volume controls hover over the loud speaker icon and that opens the individual sound controls so you can switch background sounds like crashing waterfalls, noisy birds etc., down whilst switching the volume of the local chat up.

on screen volume control

Download pdf – Turning up the Volume of an Individual Avatar

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