CAMELOT Award 2015

The CAMELOT Project is very pleased to announce the second annual competition to encourage the integration of machinima in language education. Participation in the CAMELOT Award is open to anyone who has created their own machinima or used machinima produced by a third party for which they have permission.

The CAMELOT 2015 Awards

Participants are asked to submit the URL of their machinima and to provide a brief description of:

1)    the envisaged context of their work, e.g., whether the machinima are to be used in

  1. a)     autonomous language learning
  2. b)     classroom environments
  3. c)     blended learning environments
  4. d)     or as part of a fully online course

2)    a lesson plan describing how the machinima will be used in the chosen context which addresses the following areas:

  1. a)     a detailed description of the target learners (e.g., number, location, proficiency)
  2. b)     the procedures and activities for using the machinima in class
  3. d)     any additional materials that are required for the activity

We recommend using the CAMELOT Lesson plan and Storyboard document to help you with your submission. This can be accessed here:

Submissions will be judged by the CAMELOT Project Team according to the above categories, as well as the use of machinima to effectively visualise the language learning content.



The winner will receive a free online language course from LinguaTV in English, Spanish, French, Italian or German. Certificates of achievement will be awarded to the top three submissions.

Important Dates

Submissions open: 12th January 2015

Closing date: 15th February 2015

All entries should be submitted to:

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