Monthly Featured Interviews and Machinima

In this series, we feature experts in creating machinima for language teaching purposes and filming experts who see the potential in machinima production for educational purposes.

After our summer break, we continue with our next featured guests of the month.

October 2016: Conversation with John E. Lester Part I

 I am happy to introduce John Lester, known as Pathfinder in virtual worlds. John works as a Software Designer, Product Manager, and Community Developer inMontreal, Québec, Canada. His background is in neuroscience research, and he has developed a deep interest in how to enhance education and collaboration through the development of successful online communities. From 2005-2010 John worked at Linden Lab where he led the development of the education and healthcare markets for the Second Life platform. He also worked at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, creating online medical education systems and patient support communities. His special interests are Community Development, Semantic Technologies, Unstructured Data Analytics, Online Communities, Immersive and Collaborative Learning, Artificial Life, Augmented Reality and Multiuser 3D Virtual Worlds.

This is the first part of a fascinating conversation with John, which will be continued in November.
Enjoy the interview!

July 2016
Conversation with Teresa MacKinnon

May/ June 2016
Conversation with Jens Kjaer Olsen 

April 2016
Conversation with Helena Galani

March 2016
Conversation with Yağmur Damla Aslan, Tugay Elmas and Nelida Nita

February 2016
Conversation with  Eva Adamcova

January 2016
Gespräch mit Dr. Ellinor Haase

December 2015
Conversation with Alicja Bomirska
Daredevil Dave’s Dream,
a machinima she used in her classes.
Two of Alicja’s students are allowing us to share their work: Daredevil Dave’s Dream and Dave’s Dream

November 2015
Conversation with Ann Nowak

October 2015
Conversation with Patrick de Boer

September 2015
Conversation with Ton Koenraad 

August 2015
Gespräch mit  Sandra Gasber

July 2015
Conversation with Carol Rainbow

June 2015
Conversation with Stephanie Wössner

May 2015
Conversation with Hanna Outakoski

April 2015
Conversation with Heike Philp

March 2015
Conversation with Serap Yildiz
Conversation with Christel Schneider

February 2015
Conversation with Dr Tuncer Can 

January  2015
Conversation with Anabel Nowak

December 2014
Conversation with Luisa Panichi

November 2014
Conversation with Edith Paillat

October 2014
Conversation with Helen Myers

September 2014
Conversation with Chantal Harvey

August 2014
Conversation with Professor Liz Falconer

July 2014
Conversation with Dennis Newson

June 2014
Conversation with Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart

Interview with Professor Rod Ellis

May 2014
Conversation with Bernhard Drax

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