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Project Partner Training Session 4

Second Life has its own currency, the Linden Dollar: L$. The exchange rate is about 250 Linden Dollars to one US dollar: US$.

You can set up an account via the Second Life homepage and logging in using your avatar name and password: You will be required to enter your credit card details and specify how many L$ you wish to purchase: L$1000 (= US$4) is a good starting amount and will last you quite a while. The amount you have in remaining in your account is shown in a window at the top right of the Second Life screen. You can top up this account at any time.


Most of the time that you are exploring Second Life you do not need any money, but at some time you may wish to buy new clothes or props, and then you need money. There are many shopping malls which you may wish to explore. If you do not want to buy any Linden dollars you can pay for many goods in the online Marketplace by using Paypal.

To access the Second Life Marketplace go to and log in using your avatar name and password.

In the search bar at the top type a keyword, you may select categories to search in, if you leave it as All Categories be aware that you are likely to see lots of offerings of an adult nature. These may be very explicit – it is not for use with younger students!

Once you have entered a search term three more parts of the search are made available – choose a price range and whether you want to be able to Copy, or Modify and Transfer the items you are looking to buy. Once selections have been made click Refine Search.


Unless it matters to you to be able to copy, modify or share do not worry about any of these. I am going to search for a hat, 0 lindens, that I can copy, change and share with others.

Once you have selected what you want to buy you can place it in your cart, you can have up to ten items in your cart then you need to purchase them to clear the cart, they will be delivered to your avatar and you will see then in Recent Items or Received Items depending on how you have your inventory set, when you go in-world.

hat search


Download Using Second Life Marketplace


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