Rod Ellis: Methodology in Task-Based Language Teaching

June 25, 20140 Comments

Methodology in Task-Based Language Teaching

Recording with presentation (1h16min):

Download Professor Ellis’ slides from this link:  Methodology of Task-Based Language Teaching

Rod Ellis is visiting the University of Central Lancashire (UClan) Preston and Dr. Michael Thomas arranged for Professor Ellis to be available in Adobe Connect for a webinar followed by a question and answers session.

Rod Ellis Webinar











Professor Rod Ellis

Professor Rod Ellis is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics in University of Auckland. He holds visiting positions on the MA in TESOL at Anaheim University and is a visiting professor at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) as part of China’s Chang Jiang Scholars Program. He holds an annual seminar at Showa Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan.

His published works include articles and books on second language acquisition, language teaching and teacher education. His books include Understanding Second Language Acquisition (BAAL Prize 1986) and The Study of Second Language Acquisition (Duke of Edinburgh prize 1995), Task-Based Learning and Teaching early (2003), and Analyzing Learner Language (with Gary Barkhuizen) in (2005). A second edition of The Study of Second Language Acquisition was published in 2008 and Implicit and Explicit Knowledge in Language Learning, Testing and Teaching in 2009. He has also published several English language textbooks, including Impact Grammar (Pearson: Longman) and is currently editor of the journal Language Teaching Research.

In addition to his current position in New Zealand, he has worked in schools in Spain and Zambia and in universities in the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States and has conducted numerous consultancies and seminars throughout the world.


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