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Project partner training – Week 1

Text Chat

Text chat is the easiest way of communicating in Second Life. Simply click on the Chat button from the bottom tool bar menu.

bottom tool bar

Click on the first button and it will open a Chat box where you can type messages, either to the whole group or to the individual. If you are typing to the whole group then all present, within about 20 metres of the person typing will see it.  When typing in chat to one person only the person which whom you are text chatting will see it.

The Chat window can be confusing with several conversations occurring all at once.

The bottom icon, the little circles nearby chat is nearby chat, the other conversations are either with individuals or group chats happening in any groups which you may be a member of.


This window shows a private conversation, that is the lady at the top, a group conversation in the middle and nearby chat at the bottom.

There are three levels to have this menu open, at the top are sets of double arrows, the ones at the left open up the  name panel, the ones on the right close it to single icons.

Speak (Voice Chat)

As well as communicating with people in Text Chat, you can also communicate using Voice Chat. If you wish to use voice chat to speak to people around you, you need to connect a headset to your computer. You also need to check that you have enabled voice chat in the Me > Preferences > Sound & Media.

There are three boxes to the right of the slider menu, tick at least the bottom one of those.

There are sliders for all sorts of sounds, I would suggest that you switch ambient and sound effects right down. I prefer my buttons muted – to do that click on the speaker to the right of the slider, it will present with a red line through it once muted.

If voice is not working, and it should set up automatically so long as you had your headset it when you went into Second Life, click on the input and output devices and select your headset. When you can hear there will be a white dot over your head. When you speak, if you are speaking out loud in Second Life you will see green bars emanating from the white dot.

sound settings

Adding Friends

When you are meeting people for the first time and you know that you will want to communicate with them later, the most convenient thing to do is make friends with them. Right click on the avatar and “Add Friend”, this sends an offer of friendship to that person.

Once they accept, they will be in your “Friends” section of the People list and you can see when they are online.

annotated right click

Instant Message IM

There are several ways to send an instant message to someone. If the avatar that you want to send an instant message to is in your friends list then right click on their name and choose IM. This will open a chat box for you to type in, type your message and any reply will show in your Communication menu (See above)

If they are in your presence then right click on their avatar and choose IM. Otherwise use the search tool to find them and ….

Call a Friend

Right click on an avatar, or their name in your Friends list and select Call. This facility is akin to a telephone call, it is one to one voice connection. Once in a voice call you will not hear what is being said around you and others will not hear you. It does however enable people to be anywhere in the Second Life grid and still communicating.

Notifications: The top right-hand button is the Notifications icon, notifications icon i.e. messages sent to you from groups to which you belong, private messages from other avatars, offers of inventory items, etc. A number on this button indicates how many notifications have recently arrived. To access a notification, just click the notifications button and select it from the list of notifications. To delete notifications click the “x” in each of the notifications messages.

Download pdf –  Communication, Chat, Speech, IM, Call, Friends

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