November 2014 Interview with Edith Paillat at EuroCALL 2014

November 1, 2014

Edith Paillat
This interview was taken in Groningen, NL at the EuroCALL 2014 Conference by Christel Schneider. Edith Paillat, known as Cybère Placebo in Second Life, won this years MachinEVO awards with her fantastic machinima: Born to be a musician. Edith has been actively involved in creating machinima and was part of the moderating team of MachinEVO 2014.

In this interview Edith Paillat highlights three ways of using machinima in teaching and points out the advantages of producing machinima.
Edith Paillat is the language technology specialist at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Her role is to find solutions for the integration of technology in the teaching of 10 languages taught at Victoria. She is an experienced teacher and teacher of French as a foreign language. She has taught in Vietnam, England, Japan and New Zealand before she took up her current role in 2002.

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