Mobile Application

Here is a guide to the CAMELOT mobile application. It consists of:

a) a teacher’s user panel where instructors can create machinima-based lessons, and

b) a mobile app where learners can do the actual lessons. A preview is available here.

Teachers make their lessons on this responsive website where there are a number of different exercise templates available. Exercises available currently include:

  • Putting a list of phrases in order
  • Choosing the correct sentence order
  • True or false questions
  • Photo description
  • Video description

A tutorial for teachers is also available here: Introducing the CAMELOT Application and by clicking on the YouTube video above.

The app is available on Android (click on the icon ‘Android’ in the top right of the screen under ‘Mobile Learning’) and on IOS for Apple (click on ‘IOS’) and follow the instructions.

We always invite feedback from teachers and learners on our deliverables.

If you wish to give feedback on the app which can help us to develop it further in future iterations, please contact us by email with your comments via our ‘Contact’ page.

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