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 Project Partner Training – Week 3

Using the Minimap

The minimap is a very useful tool in Second Life. It allows you

  • to see easily where your friends are
  • to see who is nearby
  • to teleport to people in the local area

If you are filming in an area it is easy to get lost in buildings or trees and you are quickly out of speaking or text chat range. To communicate with people locally simply open your minimap, hover over the dots on the map to see their names, (green dots are strangers but yellow dots are people that you have offered and received friendship to in Second Life). If you see someone that you want to contact you can simply double click the minimap by that person and you will teleport to them. Otherwise, hover over the dots to see the names of those nearby and click on the i for information about them.

Dots in the shape of a v show that people are not on the same level, the downward pointing v is showing someone is below you and the upward facing v show that people are above you.

Red areas are offline, sometimes if you are crashing out of Second Life the map will go red.

You can right click on the minimap at anytime to open the World map from the menu.

minimapmenu minimaodots

Download Using the Minimap


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