Interview with Wynshel Heir aka Shelwyn Corrigan

May 24, 20140 Comments

Shelwyn Corrigan (aka Wynshel Heir/English Easily) has a Master’s in Linguistics, a Master’s in Digital Media & Learning, and certification in Multimedia Studies. She has worked in digital design since 1994. In addition, she has taught ESL and EFL in Europe and South America and at universities in California and New York. Her interests are in teaching pronunciation, academic oral skills, and the integration of new media in the classroom. She is working on machinima development for language learners and teachers. She is a media consultant and web designer and has taught ESL at the University of San Francisco (USF) since 2001. She also works in Second Life as a teacher in Learn It Town. Shelwyn teaches graduate courses in the Digital Media and Learning Program and is currently devoting most of her time to course development for the new online MA TESOL Program at USF.

For informal sandbox/working file samples see: We are thrilled to have had the opportunity for this interview.

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