Interview with Teresa MacKinnon

July 2, 2016

Teresa MacKinnon is Principal Teaching Fellow (e-learning) at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Warwick, UK.  She has worked for 30 years in language education (secondary and higher) and is an early adopter of technology in language teaching. She has been involved in research into the use of voice in online environments as part of her MA, published in Computer-mediated communication (CMC). Her special interests are  telecollaboration and online intercultural exchange. Teresa teaches French at her institute and strongly believes in the importance of integrating her students in the learning process as examples of videos on her video channel demonstrate, made by her beginner students such as the lovely recording of Déjeuner du matin made by a Slovakian student which is integrated in the interview.
Teresa believes in the power of online learning, especially when real human connections are made. In Teresa’s view this requires resilience and reflection, scaffolding and support which is provided by experts at the Virtual Round Table Conference or Global Education Conference Network or the global classroom, offering lots of potential for Continuing Professional Skills Development.

Finally, Teresa has been involved in the EU funded project which provides a wealth of resources of videos and teaching materials for different contexts.

FB page #videoforall open gallery

Enjoy watching!

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