Interview with Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart

May 28, 20140 Comments

Interview with Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart, talkedemy, Vienna, Austria.

Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart is founder and managing director of talkademy, a language school in SecondLife. talkademy is part of the non-profit organization “Open Learning Association”, based in Vienna, Austria.
Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart has been a resident in Second Life since 2007  known as Yvonne  Handrick. She  has been involved in various EU projects, such as AVALON, NEXT-TELL and EUROVERSITY.

In Gerhilde’s view, making machinima is an excellent way to practice language skills.  Furthermore, Gerhilde points out the importance of using machinima in the language classroom to analyse students’ performance. She sees them as  useful documentaries to demonstrate what happened in the classroom. In Gerhilde’s view there are many lessons to be learnt from teaching in the virtual classroom that can be applied to the physical classroom.


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