Hints for writing your Machinima Script

May 10, 20140 Comments

Using a game platform or virtual world to make machinima does put some limitations on what is possible.

Keep these things in mind when you write:

  • The finished machinima should not be more than about three minutes long or there is too much language for the learners to process. Shorter is better.
  • Situations must be self explanatory, there are limited opportunities to “set the scene” as one would in a book.
  • Make sure that you are writing for Second Life – if you want a specific landscape, find it and get permission to film before writing.
  • Make sure that any props or avatars are available before you write – think about
    • can you make the props needed?
    • can you rez props where you want to film? Getting permission to film does not mean getting rezzing rights – most people will not give you that!
    • if you are going to buy them are they available on SL Marketplace and how much do they cost ?
    • who is paying for them?
    • does the person paying have an account and is able to buy them?
    • who needs the props? Often the person buying them will not be able to transfer them, they may need to buy them as a gift for the avatar that needs to use them.
  • Consider the level of language used for the learners, and how it is going to be used. Is it going to be used in a class where the teacher will pre-teach the vocabulary or as a self study where the language or grammar needs to be covered as part of the machinima?

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