Giving copies of items in your inventory to other avatars

May 10, 20140 Comments

Project Partner Training Session 4

Sometimes, when making machinima, you may wish to give copies of items in your inventory to someone else. It may be a notecard with the script on or similar. So long as it is free to copy and transfer this is easy.

  • Open My Inventory inventory from the suitcase icon on the Left Tool Bar,  find the item that you wish to give to your friend, click on the name of the item and drag it onto their avatar’s body.
  • To give something to a group of people or someone not online then you need to use the Share facility. Locate the item the My Inventory panel, right-click on its name and then click on Share in the pop-up menu. This enables you to give a copy of the item to friends nearby all at the same time or even at remote locations.

You will notice that sometimes Share is greyed out. This means that you are not allowed to give a copy of the item to someone else. Such items are usually marked in your inventory as no transfer. Be careful about sharing items marked as no copy as they will disappear from your inventory if you transfer them to another person.

In the following photograph I chose the Magic carpet to share with friends. As soon as I clicked on “Share” I get another menu asking me to choose either to search for someone, share it with friends so to select from my friends list, or to share it with people near me.


Download Giving copies of items in your inventory to other avatars

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