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Project Partner Training Kit Week 2


Gestures are great to use in machinima making as they enable your avatar to perform a variety of gestures, such as blowing a kiss, chuckling and crying.  To add the Gestures button to the Bottom Toolbar right-click on any button on the Bottom Tool Bar. This will bring up the Toolbar Buttons window. Now drag the Gestures button from this window onto the Bottom Toolbar, where you will see it appear. The Gestures tool is also available from the Me menu on the Menu Bar at the top of the SL screen. Double click on any gesture to activate it.


Speech Gestures


Once activated the Speech Gestures make the avatar move the upper body and arms whilst talking.

To activate these go to your Inventory and type Speech gesture in the Search bar. A whole folder of gestures will appear. Click on the top one, hold shift and click the bottom one, they will all be highlighted. Right click on all of them and select Activate.

Once you have finished filming select them all and Deactivate them again.


Animations can be used to make the avatar perform an action such as sweep or dance. Double click an animation in the inventory and a menu appears saying Play Locally or Play In-world.

Playing them locally means that only you can see them. Playing in-world means that the person filming can see what you are doing. Once you are playing them the buttons change to say Stop.

Download Gestures and Animations

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