Find places to film, request permission and landmarks

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Project Partner Training Session 4

Looking for places to film in Second Life

Request Permission to film

Teleport / TP History / Making Landmarks

destinations Thereis a Destinations button on the left hand toolbar. Clicking on this button will open a menu offering a selection of destinations in SL that you might wish to visit. It is a good place to start looking for somewhere to film. These destinations are chosen by the Lindens, the owners of Second Life. They are listed under various headings such as Adventure/ Fantasy, Romantic, Featured Events, Newcomer Friendly, International etc. They all have something interesting to be seen, but beware they may not be to everyone’s taste, do read the description before visiting.

Search There is also a Search facility, so, if for example you need somewhere specific like a forest or science fiction setting then one can search and visit places to see if there is one suitable.The Search tool enables searched under several headings, simply use the drop down menu to search for Places then type in your description.

placesPlaces that you visit can be turned into landmarks. Landmarks can be made anywhere that you visit or may be given to you by other avatars. These get saved in your Places folder and clicking on them enables an instant teleport back to that location. If you want to landmark a place that you are in simply click on World and Landmark this place. On the landmarks menu there is also a Teleport History for the last few days of visits, it is easy to use that to retrace places that you visited. MOSP on LEA7 (Machinevo Open Studio Project) is a great place to start. Filming is allowed there, one does not have to write for permission and there is a great set of filming locations ready-made.


For a really clear understanding of where you can film see the Policy on machinima from the Second Life wiki: To Request Permission to film When you are in a place where you wish to film select World then Region / Estate from the top menu bar. On the Estate menu you will see the Estate owner listed. Right click on the name and you can send that person an IM asking for permission to film on their sim.


Download Looking for places to film in Second Life

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