EUROCALL Virtual World Workshop Groningen 2014

August 20, 2014

This years EUROCALL Conference took place in Groningen, NL. It was well attended and perfectly organised. Apart from some technical glitches at the first workshop, Virtual World SIG-Machinima Videos for teaching and learning, attendees learnt a lot about machinima, wrote their first story board and started to get some training in filming, taking the angles right.There was no time to finalize the productions, but delegates enjoyed getting their first impressions about virtual worlds. Christel Schneider presented the CAMELOT project towards the end of the workshop and demonstrate how machinima can be used in the virtual language classroom. Participants were asked to fill in a small questionnaire which anyone involved in making machinima could fill in to help the project team to find out more about the use of machinima in the classroom.



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