Work Package 1: Language Learning in 3D Virtual Environments
Istanbul University was the lead partner.
Work Package 2: Machinima for Field Testing
NDU was the lead partner and worked on the production of set of machinimas from a didactical viewpoint.
Work Package 3: Field Testing
UWB was the field testing lead partner and oversaw the various test beds and trials for the machinima with their specific target group.
Work Package 4: Teacher Training Course and Pilot Test
ICC was the lead partner of the WP 4 and developed the teacher training material, guidelines etc.
WP5: Evaluation
UCLan occupied the position of the evaluator in this WP.
Work Package 6: Dissemination
Let’s talk online was the lead partner for WP6 and had a strong social media presence as well as YouTube channel. P5 initiated and coordinated all activities needed for the realization of this WP’s outcomes and products and aligned activities with WP7 on Exploitation.
Work Package 7: Exploitation
The lead partner was TELLConsult.
Work Package 8: Management
UCLan was the lead partner.


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