Conversation with Helena Galani

March 27, 2016

In her conversation with Christel Schneider, Helena Galani discusses how she involves her students in the process of creating machinima and explains how useful such machinima are for personal achievement and feedback.

Helena Galani [ErlinaAzure] holds an RSA Diploma, M.A. ELT (Applied Linguistics through Corpora for Teacher Education purposes), certification in Adult Education, the skills of Teacher Training and advanced ICT skills. She has been implementing CALL into her teaching for more than 27 years in the fields of TEFL, with EFL schools and Adult Education Centre in Greece, as private tutor, with formal assessment bodies, or on UK University EAP courses.

To facilitate language learning through TBL and PBL, she is passionate about the use of Moodle, VW, blogging and Web tools.  As EduNation resident and CAMELOT Award winner in 2015, Helena supports the educational value of SL environment with learner and teacher machinima. As moderator during EVO ViLLAGE 2016, Helena presented on the usefulness of designing board games and Interactive Scenarios in ELT through Virtual Environment. At conventions, she has been highlighting different aspects on the usefulness of VWs in language teaching.

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