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May 10, 20140 Comments

Project Partner Training – Week 3

Second Life has six days to every one of ours. As a consequence once one starts filming the light may change very quickly from light to dark. This obviously could look really strange for continuity where bits of films with all different lighting is used to make one three minute film.

To fix a suitable light setting for all video clips being filmed for one machinima is very easy and everyone who is filming needs to use the same setting.

Go to World, scroll down to Sun, as you click on that it offers a second menu giving Sunrise, Midday, Sunset and Midnight. Midday is bright and suitable for machinima, select that and the light will stay the same for as long as you are in Second Life.

Sunrise has a beautiful pink glow on everything but lots of shadowy places. Sunset has the golden evening glow and shadowy places, Midnight may be good for atmosphere but will need extra lights added for filming.

light settings

Download Controlling the Light for Machinima Making

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