Collecting Freebies

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Project Partner Training Session 4

Collecting Freebies  for Props and Costumes

There are many thousands of free garments, vehicles, houses, furniture and all sorts of sundry items available in Second Life, offered as free gifts in many places such as:

Collect lots of offerings as you travel around, they are always useful to create original avatars, and often give props for your machinima.

Many objects are free (“freebies”), but you may still have to “buy” them. If the object is free it may be labelled saying Buy for L$0. Right-click on the object and then select Buy from the pop-up menu. A small window will then open asking you to confirm that you wish to “buy” it for L$0. Everything that you “buy” will be added to your inventory under the Recent tab.

Many clothes come boxed. These have to be opened but you need to find a public sandbox on which to rez (put them out on the ground) them  – click on this link for the EduNation sandbox:

  • Once on the Sandbox you can begin unpacking your box. Find the box in the Recent Items section of your inventory, left-click on its name and drag it into the Sandbox.
  • When the box appears in the Sandbox, right-click on it and select Open from the pop-up menu. Wait for the list of the contents of the box to appear.
  • When the list of contents is complete, click on Copy to Inventory at the foot of the pop-up menu. This will cause all the individual items in the box to be copied to your inventory, where they can be found in a relevant folder under the Recent tab.

When you have finished unpacking your box you can remove it from the Sandbox by right-clicking on the box and choosing Delete from the pop-up menu. This only removes the box from the Sandbox; it still remains in your inventory.

Collecting Freebies – Props and Costumes


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