Christel Schneider im Gespräch mit Dr Ellinor Haase

January 4, 2016

Dr Ellinor Haase im Gespräch mit Christel Schneider über den Sinn von Machinima in der Erwachsenenbildung.

Ellinor has always worked in adult education. First as head of Romance Languages at the adult education centre in Bochum, Germany. During that time she conducted a lot of teacher training for teachers of French, Spanish and German or cross languages and was also responsible for the Volkshochschul – Language Certificates Spanish. For eight years she worked  in Romania for the German Adult Education Association, DVV International, a project to restructure the Romanian adult education. She was manager of the EAEA – European Association for the Education of Adults.
Over the past years unitl now she has been working freelance for the ICC – International Certificate Conference. 

Ellinor shares critical view about teaching and learning in virtual worlds. She  can hardly imagine that language teachers in adult education are willing to sit down over the weekend to produce something for their own classes, especially if such engagement does not result in higher payment or more courses. Ellinor believes that virtual worlds are more appropriate for younger people.

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