Change settings – Sound

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Project Partner Training Week 1

Change settings – Sound

Sound is one of the most problematic things about working in Second Life. New avatars who are not set up properly can’t hear, do not know how to accept note cards, do not realise that text chat is there and so feel stuck and get frustrated. This is a poor start to the experience and can put people off. It is well worth knowing how to do things before entering.

The easiest, most important thing by far is to start the computer and Second Life with the headset plugged in. The computer should then pick up the headset and so will Second Life.

However, if that has not happened you may be able to change the settings manually:

  • Click Control and P together (Alternatively go to Me on the top menu bar, and open Preferences)

  • Go to Sound and Media

  • At the bottom you can see Input / Output devices, open that and make sure that your headset is selected in both input and output. This is where you change your own microphone volume too. Test by speaking and you will see green blocks fill the boxes. They they go red your sound is too loud and will be distorted.

sound settings

Download pdf  – How to Change Sound Settings

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