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Project Partner Training Week 1

Under the Me menu is the Profile access, this can also be found by right clicking one’s own avatar. Clicking on the word Profile opens up a menu displaying four tabs:


  • Feed, which enables you to post information and photographs taken in world that you wish to share with other SL residents.

  • About, which contains information about yourself in SL and in Real Life. You can add to or edit this information by clicking the Edit Profile button at the top of the panel.

  • Picks, which contains information about locations in SL that you enjoy visiting and which you wish to share with others. You can add Picks as you travel around SL.

  • Groups, which displays information about the SL groups to which you belong, e.g. Camelot, Edunation visitors or Machinevo.

Edit your profile and that opens up a whole new menu:



You can fill in each or any part in turn but the one which needs doing most often at the start of one’s existence in Second Life is the Display Name. Often people, like myself, don’t really understand what they are signing up to and do not choose the name that they wish to be called when giving themselves a name.

Looking at my avatar name for instance, carolrb – this is the start of my e-mail address and I use it to give myself a user name at any number of social networking sites, so it seemed appropriate – until people started to talk to me in-world and could not pronounce my “name”.



Select Display Name, write the name that you want to appear as in Second Life, write it a second time to confirm and Save. Note you cannot change it more than once a week, so make sure it is right!

To see people’s names you need that setting selected in the Preferences / General tab where radio buttons are used to choose whether you want Display Names, Groups and or Avatar names to be showing all the time, not showing at all, or showing just for a few seconds at a time.

Download pdf – Display Name and Profile

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