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Project Partner Training Kit Week 2

When making machinima one may not want their own avatar being filmed. If an avatar needs to be a young man for the purpose of a machinima then it is quick and easy to change.

In the Second Life inventory there are 84 different avatars which can be used to mix and match to make many more, but to start with choose one from the set.

To do that go to the icon that looks like two little people. default avatars As you hover over it is says “Avatar – Choose a complete avatar.” This opens a menu across the page offering a range of animals, humans, robots and more. Look through until you find something suitable for your machinima and click on the image to select it. Over the next few seconds your avatar will take on the appearance of the chosen avatar. NB this is not always instant, it depends on your bandwidth!

choose an avatar

Once you are wearing an outfit, go to the Appearance icon, the one that looks like a t-shirt, to the right hand side of the menu, called Wearing, go to the bottom and click on Save As, give your outfit a name and it will be in your outfits permanently so you can choose it whenever you need it.


Choose as many avatars as you like from the default ones offered, save the outfits in your “Appearance and outfits” folder then you can use any of the hair styles, clothes, skins etc. to mix and match and make hundreds more avatars. Enough for many machinimas.

Download: To Change Avatars

Mix and Match avatar costumes


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