Interview with Ann Nowak

November 1, 2015

Ann Nowak talks to Christel Schneider about her experiences with using machinima in her language classroom. After Ann had created her first machinima at MachinEVO in 2014 she got really hooked and has created over 50 machinima since. She was part of the moderating team at MachinEVO 2015 and also talks about her experience as […]

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Interview with Patrick de Boer

October 1, 2015

Patrick de Boer has been a teacher of Mathematics at secondary level in The Netherlands since 2007. Having experienced bilingual education as a student himself, he adopted CLIL methodologies early in his teaching career. In addition to teaching Maths in English he is currently also CLIL coach at his school. To stimulate professional discussion and […]

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Interview with Ton Koenraad

August 2, 2015

Ton Koenraad, MA, MEd. (TELLConsult, Netherlands) Ton Koenraad, former secondary school language (EFL) teacher, worked for twenty years as teacher educator & e-project manager at the Faculty of Education of Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. He has initiated, coordinated and evaluated international projects in the fields of computer supported innovation in […]

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August 2015 : Gespräch mit Sandra Gasber, LinguaTV

August 2, 2015

Sandra Gasber, Deutschland ist Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin der LinguaTV GmbH und verantwortet die Konzeption der Lernplattform, in der bereits seit Jahren Gamification Elemente erfolgreich zum Einsatz kommen. Darüber hinaus verantwortet sie die Produktion von Videos und interaktiven Übungen zum Sprachenlernen. Seit 2006 sind unter ihrer Leitung mehr als 1000 Videos in fünf Lernsprachen, darunter […]

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Carol Rainbow interviewed by Christel Schneider

May 12, 2015

In this Interview Carol Rainbow talks about her experiences with creating machinima and the challegenges when teaching other people how to make machinima when people can’t see the instructions and how instructional machinima can help to explain just a simple thing. In her interview Carol Rainbow mentions a book she published together with Christel Schneider: […]

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Heike Philp interview with Christel Schneider

March 28, 2015

Heike Philp, Brussels, let’s talk online sprl, provides technology support for language education and events in real-time via the internet. She is the co-initiator of EU funded LANCELOT, AVALON and CAMELOT projects, organises several online conferences in virtual classrooms and virtual worlds and co-owns EduNation island in Second Life. Her current field of development are […]

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Interview with Dr Tuncer Can

February 2, 2015

Asst. Prof. Tuncer Can, PhD 2011, from Istanbul University, English Language Teaching Department where he currently lectures. MA completed in 2004 on “Constructivism”. In 2005, being granted a Fulbright Scholarship he spent two terms at Syracuse University, NY, USA, where he taught Turkish via videoconferencing. Besides training pre-service language teachers, he has been teaching English […]

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Conversation with Chantal Harvey

August 12, 2014

Chantal Harvey is talking to Carol Rainbow for the Spot On feature of the EU CAMELOT Project. Chantal is very well-known in machinima circles for the 48 hour film project, a machinima competition and festival that she produced at its start-up and has become hugely successful with machinimatographers from all around the world. Chantal is […]

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Professor Liz Falconer

July 31, 2014

Professor Liz Falconer interviewed by Christel Schneider AAAAA Liz Falconer is Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning and Director of the Education Innovation Centre at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. She is responsible for leading the TEL strategy in the university. She has published in national and international journals and spoken at international […]

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Interview with Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart

May 28, 20140 Comments

Interview with Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart, talkedemy, Vienna, Austria. Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart is founder and managing director of talkademy, a language school in SecondLife. talkademy is part of the non-profit organization “Open Learning Association”, based in Vienna, Austria. Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart has been a resident in Second Life since 2007  known as Yvonne  Handrick. She  has been involved in various […]

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