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Project Partner Training – Week 3

The Camera Control window controls how you are looking at Second Life. This is the camera that you use when you are filming.

camera controls

  • The circle on the left, containing four arrows. It enables you to view your environment from different angles. Use it to rotate the SL screen in different directions.
  • The slider in the middle allows one to zoom in and out from something.
  • The square on the right, containing four arrows. Use it to actually move the camera up, down, left and right.

If you click on the eye icon at the foot of the window you can change your camera position.

camera views

  • Front View: this looks at the front of your avatar.
  • Side View: Looks to the side of your avatar.
  • Rear View: Move the camera to just behind your avatar so that you are looking over his or her shoulder.

If you click on the camera icon at the foot of the window then Camera Modes (see image, below) will become operational:

camera modes

  •       Object View: This selects Object View, causing the cursor to change to a plus sign. Move the plus sign around the screen and left-click on any object. This will cause the camera to centre on that object. If you left-click and drag the plus sign around the screen, using your mouse, you will find that the view of the screen constantly changes. Pressing the Esc on your keyboard cancels Object View.
  •       Mouselook View: This selects Mouselook View, which enables you to look around your environment by moving your mouse. Move your mouse around to see what happens. The camera (your view of the screen) will pan left, right, up and down according to the directions in which you move your mouse. You cannot see your avatar in Mouselook view, it is like the avatar eyes. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to cancel Mouselook.

An alternative way of controlling the camera

What I prefer when making machinima is to hold down the alt Alt and move the mouse around, the camera follows the mouse. This takes a little getting used to but is easier for making machinima that using the controls.

If you camera gets too far away from your avatar and you can find your way back just press Escape and the camera returns to its normal position.

Sometimes you may wish to follow another avatar if they are going to move away from you whilst filming. Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and left-click with your mouse on the avatar you wish to follow. Your camera will then follow that the avatar as s/he moves around.


Download CameraControls


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