The CAMELOT Project spreads in military environments

November 26, 2014

Between 6 – 10 October three representatives from the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (MP COE with the seat in Bydgoszcz, Poland) attended the ADL methodological workshop that was organized at NDU. Apart from getting familiar with the ADL designing process and its principles, they were presented machinima for learning languages.


Malgorzata Gawlik-Kobylińska, Artur Starosz with the MP CEO representatives and ADL staff at the NDU, Warsaw. [04.11.2014]

The CAMELOT Project was also presented by LTC Dariusz Poczekalewicz during  the NATO Training Group Task Group on Individual Training and Education Developments (NTGTG IT&ED) on the 7th of October in Tartu (Estonia). The whole meeting (organized from 5 to 9 October) was attended by representatives from 26 countries: participants from 9 countries in the Partnership for Peace (Serbia, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland and Bosnia and Heryegovina) and 27 participants from 20 NATO member countries.

MK2 [04.11.2014]
The final presentation took place during the Military E-Learning & Smart Devices Conference in London between 21-23 of October.  LTC Dariusz Poczekalewicz and Assoc. Prof. Piotr Gawliczek presented NDU’s innovative approaches to teaching for both military and civilian staff. Their presentations included the use of machinima in linguistic education which has been developed within the CAMELOT Project. Due to the fact that this conference was dedicated to the military use of smart devices for e-learning and simulation outside of North America, they presented the mobile application Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) with uploaded machinima, which can be used for micro teaching.


LTC Dariusz Poczekalewicz presenting the CAMELOT project. [04.11.2014]

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