3-D Simulation, Virtual Reality and Task Based Language Learning

June 4, 2015

Webinar  3-D Simulation, Virtual Reality and Task-Based Language Learning   – Stephen Quirk

25 June  4pm  UK time

To see the recording:http://breeze01.uclan.ac.uk/p936conraaz/

Presenter: Stephen Quirk
Interplay Learning



3-D Simulation, Virtual Reality and Task-Based Language Learning.
In this presentation I will highlight some of the key developments in 3-D simulation technology for foreign language learning. I will reference current products, examine some of the existing challenges and opportunities and raise questions to help direct future areas of development.
While Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has historically underwhelmed in terms of overall effectiveness, this is about to change with advances 3-D simulation technology and associated pedagogical techniques. In particular, 3-D simulation can help realize some of the key findings and principles currently being demonstrated in Task-Based Learning (TBL). At its core, 3-D simulations create virtual worlds and canvasses where “tasks” or quests can effectively be designed and executed. A big key to this potential success is the naturally “immersive” environment of these virtual worlds. Two exciting features of 3-D simulations that can apply directly to SLA are Multi-Player modes which foster collaboration and virtual reality (VR). Though VR has historically been seen as a “far off” technology, significant commercial interest is rapidly accelerating the point of popular adoption this year (2015). The “immersive” nature of VR is compelling and could have major implications for SLA.

Stephen Quirk is Co-founder and COO of Interplay Learning, a 3-D simulation learning company focused on a wide variety of skills such as robotics, electrical wiring, HVAC, cosmetology, personal finance and foreign language. Steve is responsible for all product development and works regularly with programmers, designers, content experts, students, instructors and clients – there is no more rewarding job in the world. He has additional background in research and finance.

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